Welcome, this web site treats the reptiles and amphibians of France. The site started in late 2004 and was very different, only dealing with reptiles of the Corbières which is my local region in southern France, it grew to Reptiles of France and then onto Reptiles & Amphibians of France, it has had four major design changes from a dull looking site to what I like to feel confident to say a great looking one..

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Me: My name is Daniel Phillips, I live in southern France and I made this site simply to satisfy my love to present and teach people about the animals I love. But on another note, there are no other sites like mine treating the same subject in the same way, and so I hope to be considered as the 'French herpetofauna' web site. If you like, you can read more about me on this link.

Latest Photo

© Daniel Phillips
Psammodromus algirus - © Daniel Phillips

Species: Psammodromus algirus

Date: 2nd July 2009

Locality: Paziols (Aude - 11)

Note: Very tame specimen